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MBA khô

MBA khô

Use vegetable oil is that it is not flammable, reducing the risk of fire

Reduce energy consumption

Main Specification
Manufacturer CTC
Country of origin Vietnam
Applicable Standard IEC 60076
Transformer Type Cast resin transformer
Rated Capacity up to 20mVA
Rated Voltage up to 36kV
Frequency 50/ 60Hz
Phase Three
Vector Group YNd1d1, Dyn11, Dyn5 ( according to customers requirements )
Tap Changer No- load tap changer
Winding Material Aluminum / Copper
Cooling AN
Protection Enclosure IP00 to IP54
Type of mounting Indoor / Outdoor
Warranty Periods up to 10 years
Accessories Fans
Tap Changer
Temperature Monitoring
Antivibration Pads

Đạt các tiêu chuẩn theo các hệ thống quản lý chất lượng

  •  Measurement of winding resistance
  •  Measurement of voltage ratio and check of phase displacement
  •  Measurement of short-circuit impedance and loss
  •  Measurement of no-load loss and current
  •  Dielectric routine tests
  •  Tests on on-load tap-changers, where appropriate
  •  Leak testing with pressure for liquid-immersed transformers(tightness test)
  •  Tightness tests and pressure tests for tanks for gas-filled transformers
  •  Check of the ratio and polarity of built-in current transformers
  •  Check of core and frame insulation for liquid immersed transformers with core or frame insulation