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3-Phase Amorphous Transformers

3-Phase Amorphous Transformers

3-Phase Amorphous Transformers are an advanced and efficient solution for energy saving and improving electrical efficiency. With many superior advantages such as energy saving, high efficiency, environmental friendliness, and high durability, this type of transformer is becoming the top choice for many businesses and power systems worldwide.

3-Phase Amorphous Transformers: An Efficient Energy Saving Solution

3-Phase Amorphous Transformers are becoming one of the most advanced solutions for energy saving and improving electrical efficiency. With their special structure and numerous superior advantages, these transformers are gradually dominating the market and gaining significant attention from businesses and factories. This article will provide you with an overview of 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers, from their structure and working principle to the benefits they offer.

1. What is a 3-Phase Amorphous Transformer?

A 3-Phase Amorphous Transformer is a type of transformer that uses an amorphous steel core instead of the traditional silicon steel core. Amorphous steel has a non-crystalline structure, which helps reduce energy losses caused by alternating magnetic fields. This makes the transformer more efficient and significantly saves energy.

2. Structure and Working Principle

a. Structure

The main components of a 3-Phase Amorphous Transformer include:

  • Amorphous steel core: Made from an iron-boron-silicon alloy with a non-crystalline structure.
  • Windings: Made from copper or aluminum, wound around the steel core.
  • Transformer casing: Protects internal components and helps dissipate heat.
  • Insulating oil: Helps insulate and cool the transformer.

Amorphous sheet cutting machine

b. Working Principle

3-Phase Amorphous Transformers operate on the principle of electromagnetic induction. When alternating current passes through the primary winding, it creates a changing magnetic field. This magnetic field induces a corresponding alternating current in the secondary winding. Thanks to the amorphous steel core structure, energy losses due to hysteresis and eddy currents are minimized, allowing the transformer to operate more efficiently.

3. Advantages of 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers

a. Energy Saving

The amorphous steel core helps reduce energy losses by 70-80% compared to traditional silicon steel cores. This significantly saves electricity costs, especially important for large enterprises using many transformers.

b. High Efficiency

3-Phase Amorphous Transformers have high operating efficiency, ensuring stable and high-quality power supply. This helps electrical devices in the system operate more efficiently and durably.

c. Environmentally Friendly

By minimizing energy losses and operating efficiently, 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers help reduce CO2 emissions, protect the environment, and promote sustainable development.

d. High Durability

With the amorphous steel core structure and modern design, 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers are highly durable, less prone to breakdowns, and have low maintenance costs.

4. Applications of 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers

3-Phase Amorphous Transformers are widely used in various fields, including:

  • Industrial plants: Help reduce energy costs and improve production efficiency.
  • Power grid systems: Ensure stable and high-quality power supply.
  • Commercial and residential buildings: Help save energy and reduce operating costs.

5. Technical specifications

Main Specification
manufacturer CTC
Country of origin Vietnam
Applied standard IEC 60076
Type of transformer Amorphous three-phase oil transformer
Rated power Up to 20mVA
Rated voltage Up to 36kV
Regularity 50/60Hz
Phase Not
Vector group Dyn11, Yyn12 (according to customer requirements)
Click Change Nozzle changer unloaded
Coil material Aluminum/Copper
Cooling ONAN
Dielectric fluid Mineral Oil/Dimethyl Silicone/Vegetable Oil
Installation type Indoor/outdoor
Warranty period Up to 10 years
Accessory HV- LV Bushing
Oil Level Indicator Pressure Reducing Valve Changer Oil
Thermometer Buchholz Oil Drain Valve Relay

Meet standards according to quality management systems

  •  Measure coil resistance
  •  Measure voltage ratio and check phase difference
  •  Measure impedance and short circuit losses
  •  Measure no-load loss and current
  •  Regularly check the dielectric
  •  Test tap converters under load, as appropriate
  •  Pressure leak test for transformers immersed in liquid (tightness test)
  •  Tightness test and tank pressure test of gas transformer
  •  Check the ratio and polarity of the integrated current transformer
  •  Check core and frame insulation for liquid-immersed transformers with core or frame insulation

6. Notes When Choosing and Using 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers

a. Check Product Quality

When choosing 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers, it is crucial to check the product quality. You should choose reputable manufacturers with clear quality certifications and long-term warranties to ensure stable and durable operation.

b. Proper Installation and Maintenance

The installation of 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers should be carried out by a professional technical team, adhering to the correct technical standards to ensure safety and operational efficiency. Regular maintenance is also essential to promptly detect and address any issues, ensuring the transformer always operates in the best condition.

c. Consult Experts

Before making an investment decision, you should consult with electrical and energy experts to get suitable advice for your specific needs.

7. The Future of 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers

With the continuous development of technology and the increasing demand for energy efficiency, 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers promise to remain a trend in the future. New research and improvements will make this type of transformer increasingly perfect, meeting the stringent requirements of the market.

In the context of the world moving towards green and sustainable energy solutions, 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers not only bring economic benefits but also play a significant role in environmental protection and the conservation of natural resources.


3-Phase Amorphous Transformers are a significant advancement in the electrical industry, offering numerous outstanding benefits in energy saving, operational efficiency, and environmental protection. Investing in this type of transformer not only helps reduce operating costs but also contributes to sustainable social development.

If you are looking for an efficient and sustainable energy solution for your electrical system, 3-Phase Amorphous Transformers are the optimal choice. Contact reputable suppliers for the best advice and support, ensuring that you are investing in a quality product that meets your needs.

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